Paying the local property tax

Sir, – Matthew Glover (letters July 25th) likes the local property tax (LPT), unlike Senator Victor Boyhan who, like me, feels that it "is unfair in that it takes no account of people's incomes or ability to pay" (July 24th).

I happen to have a house of quite high value. I bought it half a century ago for £12,000 but only because I got £13,000 for my previous house bought for about £2,000. I now live alone in it, but would hate to leave because of memories plus the fact that at 88 I would find moving too traumatic.

However, I did get some relief. I simply refused to pay the LPT at first, but “they” began to take it out of my old age pension. At least that means it is spread over 52 instalments. I was unaware of this facility, and perhaps it should be more widely advertised. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.