War of words between North Korea and US


Sir, – The threats being issued by the leaders of the US and North Korean governments (World News, August 10th) indicate that the risk of nuclear war is now possibly greater that during the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

At least in 1962 we had two intelligent pragmatic leaders both of whom compromised to avert a nuclear war. Now we have the opposite, two national leaders who are behaving irrationally and recklessly.

While it is impossible to predict accurately what will happen if the shouting war develops into a shooting war, a possible scenario is that the US will begin by attempting to shoot down any further North Korean missile launches and may also attack North Korean missile launch sites and other targets using sub-nuclear bunker bursting bombs. If this happens a possible response may be massive artillery attacks by North Korea on South Korea.

Since North Korea does already have some nuclear weapons there is a very serious risk of these being used and possible US nuclear strikes in retaliation.

The Irish Government has been silent on this threat to humanity and Irish preparations for a nuclear disaster, either civil or military, are almost non-existent.

Experts are already saying that most sea food in the Pacific is already unsafe for human consumption due to the Fukushima disaster. While it would be irresponsible for Ireland to be assisting North Korea at times like this, allowing Shannon airport to be used by the US military is also irresponsible.

Our Government should now be restoring Irish neutrality and using its good offices towards creating international peace and avoiding nuclear war. – Yours, etc,


Castletroy, Limerick.