PC or not PC


Sir, – Larissa Nolan’s article on political correctness seems so hypocritical and riddled with interpolation that it must surely be an elaborate parody of hypocrisy (Opinion, August 9th). 

Nolan launches an all-fronts attack on a relatively innocuous tweet by Lena Dunham. The tweet by Dunham comments on a seemingly prejudicial, although completely un-contextualised, private comment, at JFK airport. Nolan, in an effort to discredit the tweet that discredits the comment disingenuously loud-hails the impending disintegration of free speech by descending down a rabbit hole of criticism about an act of free-speech that criticises an act of free-speech which had seemingly criticised free sexual choice. Whatever about free speech, at least freestyle speech is alive and well! – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.