Dealing with riots in Belfast


A chara, – “Before the PSNI spends another day watching Belfast ablaze, could it at least explain its own art thoroughly” (Newton Emerson, Opinion, August 10th). Emerson trawls the “riot-histories” to grapple with the strange policing observances prevailing as current protocols in the North of this island.

While he charts an authentic course of decency and practical logic with regard to law and justice enactment, he makes the fundamental error of invoking and provoking comparisons with the UK “mainland”.

Since its inception, the statelet comprising six of the Ulster counties was never bound or treated by the same template of law and order that pertained in the rest of the UK. Almost every aspect of social schemata construed therein was effected in a mode unique to the political “runt-of-the-litter” that is the so-called ‘Norn-Iron’ of (sadly) infamous renown.

The manipulative machinations which contrive to stymie most of the positive proposals designed to engender a realistic, equitable and durable harmony of existence, continue apace and beyond. A relentless stagnation seems to “thrive” and endure. Let them “fight-the-bit” out seems to be the fallback position, and on and on it goes, despite the plaintive persistence of sane and sober voices.

What price deliverance from the “swamp” of ingrained indifference? – Is mise,



Co Waterford.