Vinegar – 1,001 uses but not as an anti-viral agent


A chara, – Whatever the merits or not of opening pubs and restaurants on June 29th under the new guidelines issued by the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET), can I appeal to everyone concerned to note that vinegar-based solutions, which are wonderful for so many purposes, are not an anti-viral agent.

I say this because your photograph on June 18th shows a barman disinfecting a table surface in preparation for the opening of a pub with a bottle marked “vinegar”.

The same caution should be observed when “sanitising” your hands from the many products labelled as “anti-bacterial” agents. They do not offer protection against corona viruses.

While soap and water are still cheap and effective surface cleaners, perhaps it’s also time for a health campaign to advise the public on the choice and usage of appropriate sanitising agents? – Is mise,



Dublin 16.