Luke Kelly deserves a pillar


Sir, – Shortly after going to college in Dublin in 1973 I went on an anti-internment march down O Connell Street from Parnell Square with my friend Donal from Donegal.

As we stood in the rain listening to some speaker now long forgotten there beside us listening attentively was Luke Kelly. It was the first time we had seen one of the Dubliners in the flesh.

Apart from his pure and powerful voice he was a tireless campaigner for working people’s rights as he poured his heart into songs like Joe Hill, The English Motorway and Springhill Mining Disaster. Raglan Road sung by Luke was voted Ireland’s greatest folk song last year.

Luke deserves to be on a pillar on the spot near where he was born. Put him up there safe from harm’s way and once again we can say meet me at the pillar. If funding is needed many Irish people would love to contribute. – Yours, etc,