Treatment of asylum seekers


Sir, – I refer to your Front page story (Carl O’Brien, October 8th) regarding the conditions in which asylum seekers live. The conditions are a disgrace and in years to come will be another blight on our nation’s sad history of treatment to various peoples.

Similarly in your Law Matters page (October 7th). May I quote a legal case concerning an asylum seeker and her three children, in which a judge, in quashing the decision to remove them to the Republic said, “The well-being both emotionally and financially of the primary carer and the importance of that to the well being of the children in her care would point significantly to the best interests of the children being to remain in Northern Ireland”. Justice Stephens also noted that Ireland had opted out of minimum standards directives. Enough said.

Does our Minister for Justice have a comment to make? – Yours, etc,


Monastery Walk,

Clondalkin, Dublin 22.

Sir, – I read in my Irish Times (Carl O’Brien, Front page, October 8th) about the inhumane treatment of people in our direct provision centres, followed by an article about Waterford City Council’s noble act in honouring the anti-slavery campaigner, Frederick Douglass (Home News, October 8th). I wonder do we learn anything from history?

Maybe the statue of Fredrick Douglass by the the sculptor, Andrew Edwards, now awaiting completion at All Hallow’s College, Drumcondra, Dublin could be dedicated to the unfortunate people seeking refuge in our Republic? – Yours, etc,


Coleraine Street,

Dublin 7.