Traffic gridlock and the M50


Sir, – Contrary to “M50 blues – Ireland’s busiest road, Dublin’s biggest car park” (October 24th), there is indeed a “direct public transport link” from Celbridge to UCD: the 67X bus, which takes students and employees directly to UCD every day. There is also a “direct public transport link” to UCD from Maynooth, the 66X.

What there is not is an express bus going in the other direction.

Thus, the people of north Kildare may take Dublin Bus to Belfield on a single express bus, but the people of Belfield (and other points along the route) who work or study in Maynooth or Celbridge have to go to the city centre first and change to the rather more meandering 66 or 67.

It is for this reason that a 30-minute car journey from Dublin 8 to Maynooth generally will take at least 90 minutes by bus. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 8.

Sir, – While not perfect, the M50 continues to be the most important part of the traffic infrastructure in the greater Dublin area. It is close to and above capacity at times, and we now need to look at a new outer ring road.

Very little can be done to decrease traffic build-up at peak times, but it would help if drivers kept their distance and reduced the number of avoidable crashes that happen daily. Drivers texting and making phone calls while driving, putting on makeup, etc, are not uncommon sights.

This week I saw a car in the overtaking lane meandering along while the driver was using his laptop.

One is never surprised by such idiocy. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.