‘The lonely road of parenthood’


Sir, – I was delighted to read your article on the prevalence of loneliness, isolation and depression (“The lonely road of parenthood”, Health +Family, July 3rd).

As a psychotherapist who works in this field, I witness the daily struggles of many parents experiencing the unspoken truths of modern parenting, including the lack of support structures for anxiety and depression. As many who experience such issues feel stigmatised, as their feelings do not fit the ever-increasing phenomenon of the “perfect parent”, often they do not reach out for support and their plight goes unrecognised and unspoken about.

It is broadly accepted that the figures of diagnosis in postnatal anxiety and depression do not reflect the prevalence of these issues as a result. It would be my hope that more publicity and open conversations about parenting will encourage those who are in need of support to seek help. – Yours, etc,




Dublin 6.