The DUP and NI Protocol


Sir, – The DUP campaigned for Brexit and, somewhat like the story of the dog chasing the car, when they got it, they had no idea of what they should do next.

The main selling point for pro-Brexiteers appeared to be the millions which would become available to the NHS when payments to the EU would cease.

This has now been shown to be completely false with the new taxes being brought in to cover funding gaps in the health service.

It was obvious that the links between the Six Counties and the EU were very strong, which is why the majority of voters expressed their wish to remain.

The DUP adopted a minority position, never explained how they were going to deal with any disruption whether with the rest of the UK or with the EU, both important markets.

The protocol, or a version of it, should have been anticipated by any strategist for the Leave campaign, but of course, as widely reported, they ridiculed the idea of listening to “experts”.

The DUP now runs the risk of being removed as a serious political force, leaving Sinn Féin as the leading party in Northern Ireland.

Is this what Mr Donaldson wants? – Yours, etc,