The Army and cyber-security

Sir, – After approximately 75 years of enjoying the advantage provided by the Nato security blanket without having to pay for it, Ireland will soon find itself in a very different geopolitical landscape, with both the UK and US repositioning their places in the world. Ireland is soon going to have to take a lot more responsibility for the defence, security and safety of its people and economy. While we are not hugely threatened in the traditional domains of conflict (land, sea, air), the same cannot be said from a cyber-defence perspective.

The Irish Government and Irish people enjoy the benefits of investment by global tech and pharma companies, and it’s about time we started to create a much safer cyber-domain if we want these companies to continue to invest in our country and contribute to our economic success.

Our Defence Forces and other agencies need urgent investment to create such a safe cyber environment. I would call on Minister for Defence Leo Varadkar to take leadership on this issue as a matter of priority. – Yours, etc,



(Commandant, retired),