Talk of UK disintegration is fanciful


A chara, – The suggestion by Seanán Ó Coistín that the UK is disintegrating is fanciful to say the least (January 2nd).

On the same day his letter was published, the latest opinion poll on Scottish independence, by BMG, was released. It found that despite the Brexit vote, support for independence, at 45.5 per cent, was running at the same level as the 2014 referendum, with a clear majority of 54.4 per cent opposed to a separation. And an even larger majority was against the idea of a second Scottish referendum being held this year. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon knows full well that she would lose a second referendum, which is why she has now concocted the even more ludicrous idea of Scotland somehow remaining in the European single market should the UK leave. At some stage even she will have to accept that no means no, unless she can convince a majority of Scots otherwise. – Is mise,



Co Cork.