Sudden increase in rental accommodation


Sir, – As a general rule, there are no easy solutions to complex problems.

The provision of an adequate supply of rental accommodation in our cities is a complex problem. A simple solution has emerged as a result of the coronavirus crisis. has reported an 83 per cent increase in availability of one- and two- bed apartments in central Dublin with similar increases in other high-demand areas (Property, April 2nd).

The reason is the collapse in short-term lets. We now have irrefutable evidence of the damage being inflicted on our cities by so-called “disrupters” such as Airbnb.

A simple solution, until the demand for long-term accommodation can be fulfilled, is to ban platforms such as Airbnb. Tourists can stay in hotels and other specifically designated tourist accommodation and leave apartments and houses for those who live and work in our cities. – Yours, etc,


Cabinteely, Dublin 18.