Please close the roads to the coast


Sir, – I am a concerned Northern Irish citizen who lives in Vancouver amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

I am urging the authorities in the North to please close the roads to traffic to the North Antrim Coast over the Easter weekend.

My family has a longstanding role in supporting the tourist industry in Bushmills, both my father and grandmother (Ruby) served the people of Northern Ireland at the Causeway Hotel at the Giant’s Causeway for over 30 years.

Easter weekend traditionally sees the start of the tourist season with many local businesses opening for the first time of the year. This year however, the swarm of visitors will bring with them Covid-19. This will damage the people of the North Antrim coast forever. While the Causeway hospital is an excellent facility it does not have the capacity to manage a full blown Covid-19 outbreak. Having visitors to the North Antrim coast over Easter weekend puts all local people at unnecessary risk.

I ask this on behalf of those of us who are away from home and our loved ones at this unprecedented time. Keep our families on the North Antrim coast safe, so that when this passes they will still be with us.

Those of us who continue to live abroad can then continue to promote the North Antrim coast and its people throughout the world. – Yours, etc,


Clinical Assistant Professor,

Department of Pediatrics,

University of British Columbia,

Vancouver, Canada.