Russia and Europe’s energy crisis


Sir, – The article “What is driving Europe’s energy crisis?” (Business, October 15th), provides only a partially correct analysis of the current situation with Europe’s energy market. It is true that some mistaken decisions made by energy companies and the European Commission, which preferred the spot market to long-term contracts, led to limited supplies when demand increased.

What is totally wrong is the assessment of the Russian role in this crisis. President Vladimir Putin has just provided his view on this matter at the Russian Energy Week conference in Moscow. Russia has always met its contractual obligations to European partners in full; in fact, right now Russia is increasing supplies to Europe. In total, in 2021 Russia has increased gas exports to Europe by 15 per cent, including through Ukraine, while other countries have cut deliveries. In short, we are not part of the problem, but we are part of a solution.

Erroneous conclusions can hinder finding right solutions. We have never sought to “weaponise” our trade and economic relationships with partners abroad. Russia has always been and remains a reliable supplier of natural gas to Europe and is ready to cooperate in this area with all countries, including Ireland, which has been using Russian gas for a long time.


Ambassador of the

Russian Federation

to Ireland,


Dublin 14.