Road congestion and working from home


A chara, – A simple solution to road congestion would be to work from home. Has this concept ever been actively addressed here?

We like to boast about our IT-savvy population and our leadership in such matters. If we are as advanced as we claim to be, why not employ IT as a tool to allow people to work from home on a part-time or even full-time basis. Has nobody heard of multipoint video conferencing? The argument that employees would miss the camaraderie of the workplace pales into insignificance when placed alongside long vehicle queues, delays, polluted atmosphere, leaving home early, returning late, the wear and tear on people’s nerves, and the stresses on family life.

This solution is cost free, quick to implement and entirely easy to operate. – Is mise,


Carraig Mhachaire Rois,

Co Mhuineacháin.