Cyclists and ‘Late Late Show’


Sir, – There has been a tremendous uproar of complaint on social media by outraged cycling campaigners about the comments made about cyclists on the Late Late Show on RTÉ (“Cycling campaigners complain over ‘Late Late Show’ segment”, News, January 15th).

Can I suggest those cyclists immediately unfollow the offending parties concerned, but that they do so at a safe distance? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.

Sir, – The Dublin Cycling Campaign has complained that a light-hearted segment on the Late Late Show that consigned cyclists travelling in groups to some sort of bin, after first comparing them to farm animals, could be seen as “inciting prejudice or hatred towards all people who cycle”.

Panellists also accused cyclists of arrogance, which is a characteristic shared by all humans, although its indulgence is riskier for a cyclist and more dangerous in a motorist.

Indeed, by denigrating vulnerable road-users, the panel demonstrated consummate skill in showcasing the vice themselves.

All of this is a little pompous and unpleasant, but hardly incitement to hatred.

Rather than seeking apologies for what was little more than a mild display of comfortable prejudice which all present enjoyed, how about asking for a number of people who do not cycle and who dislike cyclists being on the roads to volunteer to cycle for a month, come hail or shine, and then come on the show to speak about their experiences?

That is, if it is possible to get insurance for such a risky experiment. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.