The Eighth Amendment


Sir, – As the Dáil readies itself this week to debate the Oireachtas committee report on the Eighth Amendment, I wish to call on people to contact their elected representatives and remind them that it is the people of Ireland, both rural and urban, who elected them and ask what their positions are, and tell them why repealing the Eighth Amendment is important. Don’t assume this issue will be resolved without your effort. Every voice is important in this debate, and every family can be affected by the Eighth Amendment. – Yours, etc,



A chara, –If a referendum is called on repealing the Eighth Amendment, please consider very carefully how you will vote. If our public health system is strained today then it will surely break down if we are to fund abortion. An abortion costs on average between €550 to €1,550, depending on the gestation of the baby. Can you imagine what performing abortions in Ireland will cost the taxpayer? Let us all think before we vote. – Yours, etc,


Ballisodare, Co Sligo.