Ringsend incinerator


Sir, – The Ringsend incinerator dominates the view of Dublin’s docklands from all angles, as rightly noted by Brian Cullen (February 7th). Its shape is not displeasing, having a curved, organic aspect, with rising and falling facades. However, its shiny metallic skin seems to magnify its already huge size. It is possible to subtly camouflage such buildings by using a variety of muted colours on the outside. Perhaps the designers are considering such a move. Like Brexit, none of us yet know the end consequences of its emissions, but we could at least be more reassured by its aesthetics. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.

Sir, – In response to those who regard the Ringsend incinerator as an eyesore, the same was said of the Poolbeg chimneys. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.