Garlic – the taste of a new generation?


Sir, – At last, a fellow-traveller in the resistance to the invasion of Ireland by garlic (Michael Redmond, February 2nd).

Have you tried lately to buy a frozen pizza, without the dreaded garlic powder? Even with a poor sense of smell, I can detect its presence from the opening of the wrapper. Manufacturers and restaurants seem to think it must be present in all sorts of products and dishes.

It seems to be the dominant taste of this generation. Admittedly many people seem to love it; in my opinion their taste-buds have been manipulated and ruined by continual exposure. To me it just completely masks other tastes with its dominance. In one of our finest Italian restaurants in Kilkenny recently, I asked if they had any dishes without garlic. The waiter shook his head and said no, but we might be able to get the chef to do something plain for you! And yet from my experience of travelling in Italy, it does not feature to anywhere near the same extent. How has this happened? Is there anything we can do? – Yours, etc,