Reopening schools amid a pandemic


Sir, – Further to “If hairdressers ran our schools every child would be going back in September” (Jennifer O’Connell, Opinion & Analysis, July 4th), if schools were run under the same conditions as hairdressers, they would have a pupil-teacher ration of one to one, everyone would have their own sink with hot water and soap, everyone would be wearing full personal protective equipment, all teaching would be by appointment only, and every student would attend for an hour and a half every six weeks or so. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 2.

Sir, – Planning, guidelines, and training from the Department of Education will not be enough when reopening schools.

They will require greater resources to ensure cleaning routines can be complied with and students can be adequately supervised in the canteen, yard, hallway, and in the classroom.

Empowering the educational sector with the required resources is what is ultimately necessary. – Yours, etc,