Remembering an Irish aviation hero

Sir, – On April 12th to 13th, 1928, a Junkers W33 aircraft called the Bremen made the first successful East-West crossing of the Atlantic.

The flight left Baldonnel Airdrome and landed on a small island off the coast of Quebec 36½ hours later.

One of the three crew, the navigator, was a serving Irish Air Corps officer, Commandant James Fitzmaurice.

The original aircraft survives and is on display in a dedicated room at Bremen Airport.


I have visited the aircraft several times and noted the absence of an Irish Tricolour from the flags displayed alongside. On a visit last year the room was locked, but I could still see that there is still no Irish flag displayed.

Surely it would be possible for the Defence Forces or the Irish Government to correct this omission and in so doing commemorate a brave Irish citizen. – Yours, etc,


Ferrybank, Waterford.