Occupied Territories Bill


Sir, – Suzanne Mulligan’s opinion piece on the Occupied Territories Bill is a perfect example of how to make a measured, calm argument on this subject without either conflating or contaminating one’s motives with any other agenda (“Economics should not trump ethics when it comes to Occupied Territories Bill”, Opinion & Analysis, March 22nd).

It’s uplifting to read such an intelligent, honest and fair-minded commentary at a time when the trend is towards the raucous and hyperbolic.

The Bill, itself, by not mentioning Israel by name, allows supporters of its proposition to coalesce around the concept rather than the country. This method of sanction is much more effective than the tactic of passing an endless and disproportionate number of UN resolutions. Every time a new one is passed there is a spike in anti-Semitic attacks globally. These aren’t on Israelis; they are on Jews. The same effect happens when calls for a cultural boycott of Israel is made.

Not so with economic boycott which targets a country’s wealth and does not pass judgment on the validity of its individual citizens. Suzanne Mulligan clearly understands this distinction. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 2.