There’s more to Britain than Brexit


Sir, – Any avid reader of the British and Irish press could be forgiven a sense of despair at the political collapse in Britain and the mixture of obduracy, ignorance, and bitter partisanship that has gripped Westminster since the 2016 referendum.

But the other day I had occasion to call to my local GP for some routine advice. The doctor who dealt with me, though obviously busy, was courteous, friendly, attentive and, above all, competent.

Then I went to the local pharmacy where the Pakistani pharmacist was his usual cheery, helpful and professional self. And, on the way home on my bicycle, a motorist politely stopped at a busy junction to allow me to pass safely.

It was a relief to see that, as the centre collapses, there is another Britain out there, still cracking on and upholding some long-standing values of civility and professionalism. – Yours, etc,