Questions about Roscommon eviction


Sir, – The repossession of the property in Roscommon and the subsequent attack on security guards raises a number of serious questions fas to how the situation was handled by the receiver of the property in the first place and subsequent developments. (Home News, December 17th).

Under the Private Security Services Act, 2004 all security contractors and security employees must be registered with the Private Security Authority to legally provide security services within the State. It is reported that the security personnel used in this and other instances were brought into the State from Northern Ireland. The question therefore arises as to whether or not the persons engaged to effect these evictions were in fact legally registered as required under the Act.

It would be a matter of serious concern if financial institutions, and/or receivers acting on their behalf, were to engage the services of unregistered personnel. – Yours, etc,


Skerries, Co Dublin.