Eir customer service


Sir, – The whole process of changing mobile phone providers is so time consuming. None of the providers is able to give the service they promise.

I don’t live in Dublin. Could this possibly be a contributing factor?

The company I eventually settled for is Eir, and settle is the appropriate word. There is no signal in the house, and I have to go into the garden to make or receive calls. I was promised 4G. I’m constantly plugged into radio apps so this is important to me, but instead I am getting a very spotty 3G.

These are huge problems for me, but there is a bigger point here. Some 700 jobs have been jettisoned by Eir. Their oxymoronically named customer services department is being ravaged. The Dublin office is being closed, with more job losses, and the Cork office has no extra staff. The current waiting time to speak to a person is 27 minutes. The staff in their Eir-branded retail outlets are not employed by Eir. Why should they care?

There is no email address on the Eir site for customers to say anything at all to the company.

Carolan Lennon has been in the job as chief executive for some time now. If it were possible to speak to her (but no access is made available except by post!), I’d have to ask if there is any place for customers in her company objectives? – Yours, etc,



Co Clare.