Pub restrictions and common sense


Sir, – Picture the following scenario: My local tavern re-opens in a few weeks time. As a 60-plus sometime cocooner, it is with some trepidation that I venture out and meet a companion there for lunch.

The speciality of the house is chicken and chips at €9 a head, it is available with unlimited tap water.

Mindful of my health and endeavouring to keep any further lockdown-induced weight gain at bay I opt for the chicken minus the chips.

The proprietor, let’s call her Anne, supplies the chicken and very kindly decides to charge €7 for my chipless lunch. My companion, meanwhile, tucks into a bountiful platter of chicken and chips at the required minimum charge of €9.

I pose two questions: 1. Am I in greater danger of contracting Covid-19 than my chip-munching companion? 2. Does the unfortunate prevalence of Covid-19 spell the demise of common sense? – Yours, etc,


Co Meath.