Powerlifting’s anti-doping programme


Sir, – You state that “The IRFU is the only governing body in Ireland that pays for extra tests” (“Schools are a law unto themselves”, Sport, January 20th).

The Irish Powerlifting Federation was started in 2015 and so is not yet eligible to be supported by the Sport Ireland anti-doping programme.

Nevertheless, the federation invests heavily in a robust anti-doping programme including both in-competition and out-of-competition drug-testing using World Anti-Doping Association (Wada) accredited personnel and laboratories.

The IPF’s anti-doping programme accounts for circa 26 per cent of the federation’s expenditure.

The Irish Powerlifting Federation is also obliged to make a satisfactory annual report on its anti-doping programme to the International Powerlifting Federation, its governing body. – Yours, etc,


Anti-Doping Officer;


Vice-President and

National Team Manager,

Irish Powerlifting


Dublin 9.