Parental responsibility in a pandemic


Sir, – Anyone who has witnessed the irresponsible behaviour in Kilkee and in Portugal over the last few days is wondering how those same young people are planning to behave once schools and colleges reopen (“Nine arrested following ‘shocking’ antisocial behaviour in Kilkee”, Home News, August 3rd).

Perhaps they would prefer to sit at home in another lockdown?

Has anyone asked them? Their parents seem determined to get them out of the house by demanding that schools reopen and by forking out hundreds of euros to rent holiday accommodation for them, as far away as possible from their own homes, even if this means not complying with the Government’s advice on foreign travel.

One wonders what rules and advice those students and parents will refuse to comply with come September! The current attitude seems to be anything to get them away and avoid taking parental responsibility. Let the teachers and the gardaí deal with them come September, I guess.

Perhaps, instead of washing their hands profusely in public and then in private washing their hands of their own children, those parents could step up and teach those young people how to behave during a pandemic.


Co Wexford.