An inspirational woman

Sir, – What an inspirational and energetic woman Anne Soupa (Toutes Apôtres) is, as described in Lara Marlowe in her article (World News, July 25th).

Anne Soupa mirrors the thoughts of many of her faith around the world: men, women, laity and clergy. This would appear to be in direct contrast to most in the Vatican who govern the Roman church.

They seem content with urging the faithful to pray for a solution for the inevitable loss of clergy. Ponder the adage “God helps them who help themselves”. Isn’t that what Luther felt compelled to do after his trials and tribulations?

I would be a great advocate of church unity, however if the Roman Catholic church persists in its current attitude to women I see this issue being a larger threat to this goal than issues such as transubstantiation.


One of Christ’s main messages was “Do not be afraid”.

Former president Mary McAleese, and Anne Soupa as quoted in the article, are not deserting ship and they are not afraid however there might come a time when met by “a brick wall” they might feel compelled to do so.

he Vatican should spend some time in communion with the many Protestant female priests and discover what a wonderful service they bring to their respective churches. Lets face it! The writing is on the wall regarding vocations for the secular priesthood. The majority of clergy know this to be the case. It is most unfair on those aged gentlemen that remain.

I wish Anne Soupa all the best in her endeavours in Lyon. – Yours, etc,