Carers and disability services


Sir, – As disability services at last appear to be raising their heads above the parapet the question begs to be asked, why has this sector been left floundering in uncertainty for so long?

While business, tourism, schools, pubs,etc, have been included in Government “roadmaps” we have been silently ignored.

The doors to our services were closed on St Patrick’s weekend and clients sent home to the care of their families. Very often these families are single parents, siblings or ageing family members. Some carers receive a meagre means-tested payment for this work which the Department of Social Protection states is a “support”. Clearly it does not recognise the vital and immense contribution to the economy that carers provide by their care work.

Be in no doubt that caring is work with no break and no end in sight during these Covid-19 times.

The time has now come for a shift in attitude towards disability and carers. Love and a means tested “support” payment is not always enough. It is not enough to leave us at home in the dark in the silent hope that it will be grand. Time to respect the disability sector in restructuring plans. – Yours, etc,


Kilcoole, Co Wicklow.