Nphet’s advice and indoor dining

Sir, – Finn McRedmond (Opinion, July 1st) refers to the "it's not fair mantra" in reference to the unvaccinated being excluded from indoor dining.

It seems the so-called plight of the young and unvaccinated has been monopolised by commentators determined to cheerlead division and rancour.

I would hazard a strong guess that if polled, the young and unvaccinated would be more than happy to see the hospitality industry back on its feet with their elders indoors enjoying a meal.

This is a race to save lives. Hysterical, divisive commentary does a disservice to us all.


– Yours etc,



Dublin 4.

Sir, – The crescendo of calls to “disband Nphet” and attribute autocratic characteristics to what is merely an advisory body, simply because it will not tell the inconvenienced what they want to hear, is really something to behold.

Equally, we must ask who stands to benefit from the demand for “independent scrutiny” of the National Public Health Emergency Team.

Where is the independent scrutiny of claims by the hospitality sector that it can provide indoor dining safely? What of the independent scrutiny of health and safety for staff? Staff which some industry voices seem to think they have a right to conscript, unvaccinated, into a low paid sector, underscrutinised sector. Where is the independent scrutiny of the dearth of concern for their health and safety?

It appears these industry representatives have the public domain almost entirely captured. This is demonstrated clearly by the absence of workers and their representatives from the airwaves and newspapers.

Instead, those running the industry are allowed to present themselves as representative of both management and workers. Where is the independent scrutiny of that?

No one likes or agrees with everything Nphet puts out into the public domain but it is not out to get at any particular industry. It has not victimised, bullied or targeted anyone’s livelihoods. None of this is as cut and dry as the industry presents it, but it has been given a free pass by the media at large.

– Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.

Sir, – Maybe the infantilising little blue badges (“I got my jab”) could be used as a quick way to decide between who gets to eat inside or who gets left outside. It would be about as useful as any other system that might be developed. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 14.

Sir, – “Lobby mouthing” is the latest pandemic to hit Ireland. When I see the epidemiological, public health speciality and immunology qualifications and clinical experience of lobbyists from the various hospitality, tourism and aviation lobbyists, I’ll listen. Until then, may I respectfully suggest that they remain quiet or, said another way, shut up.

– Yours, etc,


Killiney, Co Dublin.