Natural time best for the west


Sir, – Regarding the proposed EU ban on biannual time changes, I suggest Ireland opts for permanent “Co-ordinated Universal Time” (UTC) and drops the use of “Daylight Saving Time” (DST).

UTC more nearly aligns clock time with natural solar time.

West of the Shannon during DST, there a difference of more than one hour and 30 minutes between DST and natural solar time resulting in darker mornings.

Permanent adoption of this significant DST time-shift would impose permanent, year-round aggravation to those living in Connacht. – Yours, etc,



Co Galway.

Sir, – Kathy Sheridan’s article (Opinion, November 28th) in my old-fashioned newspaper says at its the end “The link to the Department of Justice survey is HERE”.

Unfortunately, no matter how many times I stab the paper with my frustrated finger, it refuses to link me to anything. And there I was, thinking I’d bought a large floppy computer for €2. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 16.