Mothers of invention


Sir, – Men of Ireland, you must answer the call. Rarely does an Irish mother step out of the shadows and make an explicit request. But when she does we must take heed and act.

Anne O’Neill is completely right (Letters, March 25th). We owe a huge debt to our mothers. All those hours spent on the side of a freezing pitch; making your favourite dinner to cheer you up; accommodating without fuss when you brought home a group of starving friends; choosing her moment carefully to give you the advice you needed but didn’t want to hear.

While flowers or vouchers will be welcome, this is an opportunity to aim higher than mediocre. Two hours weeding and preparing the garden; a subscription service with playlists of her favourite songs; accompanying her to a special place of childhood memories; a gift that reflects thought and appreciation, not cash.

Take the time to compose three thoughtful sentences. When you have crafted them, transfer the message to a card you have chosen rather than one handed to you.

You know she deserves it and lots more. And she won’t be the only lady who will be delighted and impressed. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6W.