Electric scooters


Sir, – The article “Electric scooters could save time and money but they remain illegal” (Pricewatch, March 25th) makes it clear that these illegal “vehicles” need to be regulated.

Regulated or not, the riders, in common with all other road and cycle-lane users, have to exercise care and consideration for the safety of themselves and others.

On Saturday evening last my wife and I travelled in our car. It was twilight. We found ourselves behind two dark-clad scooter riders. They both wore helmets with a red light on the back. Their speed was 30 km/h. The road is quite narrow, with a continuous white line down the centre, and it was not safe to overtake.

On arrival at the junction, there was one car waiting in the inner lane and the traffics lights were red.

The two scooterists, without stopping, looking behind or indicating, swerved into the outer lane, crossed in front of the stationery car and turned left with the traffic lights still showing red. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 16.