More than beef at stake in trade deal


Sir, – By bowing to pressure from the EU to sign off on the free trade deal with the Mercosur, the Irish Government and Commissioner Phil Hogan have not just sold out Ireland’s farmers, they have sold out the entire planet (“Ireland may vote against EU and South American trade deal”, Front page, July 1st).

The deal gives a green light to Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro’s plan to forcibly “integrate” indigenous peoples and fulfil the long-standing dream of the right wing to exploit the Amazon. And when that happens, no amount of electric cars or solar panels will be enough to avert climate disaster. – Yours, etc,


Dublin City University,

Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

Sir, – At a time when the planet is in crisis and we are being exhorted to reduce our consumption of meat, to eat local, to be aware of our “food miles”, the EU is opening the doors to importing vast quantities of beef, produced in regions where natural carbon sinks are being destroyed in the process and where quality control is lax, and then shipped thousands of miles across the world.

What utter insanity. It almost makes me think the UK has a point in wanting to leave the EU! – Yours, etc,


Co Waterford.