Media coverage of Sinn Féin

A chara, – Fintan O'Toole's recent article "Never mind the evidence, feel the 'truthiness' of what Gerry Adams says" (Opinion & Analysis, October 28th) appears to confirm the existence of a media bubble that repeatedly targets Gerry Adams and the political progress of the Sinn Féin party.

That same media bubble also contains invited guests and unsurprisingly all are political opponents of Sinn Féin, each encouraging each other with words of support while demonising Gerry Adams.

As we saw at the weekend a very large percentage of one particular newspaper contained articles critical of Gerry Adams and of Sinn Féin. Other newspapers constantly contain similar articles, if less in number, with little thought for fairness. Radio and television commentaries are similarly one-sided in nature.

While this bitter circle continues, with each member feeding off itself in a frenzy, opponents of Sinn Féin, not for the first time, have moulded themselves into judge and jury on Adams and on any selected members of Sinn Féin they see fit to target for verbal judgment. At the same time we must accept the timing of all of this as a mere coincidence, appearing just after an opinion poll showed Sinn Féin to be the joint-largest party in the State.


That only journalists outside of Ireland have questioned the treatment being meted out to Gerry Adams also tells a story. The gated community of journalism in Ireland has little time for fairness when it comes to Sinn Féin. The foot soldiers of Section 31 have now progressed through the ranks and their anti-Adams mentality continues unabated from on high and is so natural that they cannot even see a hint of their bias from within.

Perhaps in the light of recent events it is now time that we review our use of a judicial courts system. It would appear to be a dreadful waste of money. Why not set up a council of journalists and politicians who can pass down verdicts on a person’s innocence or guilt? There should be no evidence required, with a simple majority opinion damning a person. In the current “lynch mob” atmosphere spawned by Irish journalists and certain politicians, it would appear to be the next natural move.

Not for the first time the self-righteousness of Irish journalists and political opponents of Sinn Féin has gone unchallenged. The vitriolic attacks on Adams and his party have continue unabated. No evidence, no proof, no need – just a nod, a wink and that “we know” mentality.

And these are the people who lecture Adams and Sinn Féin about justice. – Is mise,


Dublin 14.