Long road ahead for commuters

Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins Dublin.

Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins Dublin.


A chara, – Last Wednesday, primarily due to flooding, there was chaos for commuters on Irish roads. However when, if ever, are we going to try and solve the worsening traffic problems that affect Ireland on a daily basis? Traffic congestion is bad for the environment, our economy, our wellbeing and our quality of life.

First, we need to agree to all be part of the solution and start introducing simple ideas that will help alleviate traffic congestion, nationwide. Staggered start and end times for work, schools and colleges would help. Incentivising car-pooling, use of public transport, cycling and walking would help. Introducing contraflow lane reversals during rush hours would help. Exclusive routes for commuters that enhance our transport system would help, and giving a significant number of annual Leap cards for free, on a regular basis, to help change the habits of sole occupant car-users in favour of public transport would help. – Is mise,



Dublin 6.