Lockdown decisions – risks and benefits


Sir, – I am saddened and dismayed by the continued inability of our Government to evaluate risks versus benefits of the imposed restrictions. This inability comes at huge cost to the mental, emotional and physical health of all sectors of our population. For example, the 5km limit is arbitrary and grossly unfair. Compare 5km in our city centres to 5km in rural Ireland!

Covid-19 does not have the ability to measure distance. The restrictions on meeting outdoors are just incomprehensible. The risk is very low outdoors, and the benefits are huge. Individual sports such as tennis, golf, swimming all carry very low risks, and the positive effects would reduce the mental health and physical health toll on many people.

I would argue the benefits to other outdoor sports also outweigh the risks.

Let’s start making fact-based decisions; there is no evidence that the activities above, and other well-managed sectors like hairdressing and creches, have had much effect on the spread.

We need to make sure our restrictions are proportionate and targeted. We need to start balancing the Covid-19 risks against other growing risks – depression, anxiety, suicide and undiagnosed cancers.

Finally, we need to protect our personal freedom. There are many road deaths every year but we don’t consider banning cars!

We have now set a dangerous precedent where we are allowing ourselves to be told by Government who we can have in our own homes. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 14.