In defence of Jeremy Corbyn


Sir, – In the mid-1980s two MPs for constituencies with high child poverty and low life-expectancy rates separately met the then ostracised leaders of Sinn Féin to help develop a plan for peace. The first MP, John Hume, is rightly lionised as a true national hero; the second, Jeremy Corbyn, is derided by Brian Boyd as a terrorist sympathiser with a reductive and obsolete worldview (“Jeremy Corbyn, Islington Labour and me”, Opinion, April 25th). If campaigning for nuclear disarmament and a diplomacy-first attitude to global conflict are obsolete world views, I’m happy to follow Mr Corbyn into obsolescence. – Yours, etc,



Sir, – Jeremy Mr Corbyn is frequently characterised as an outdated radical for promoting policies that would be standard in a Scandinavian social democracy of today. The level of hostility he evokes in his detractors, and their absence of critical argument, suggests that deep down they know he is right about many things. – Yours, etc,


Mideton, Co Cork.