Harassing women runners


Sir, – I found Orla Muldoon’s article “Why is harassing women runners acceptable for some Irish men?” (Opinion & Analysis, Online, September 17th) excellent, and unfortunately, particularly relevant.

I have regularly experienced this type of behaviour when out running. For example, while running across a road at a green pedestrian light, a few times I have suddenly heard the revving of an engine. Expecting to see a car careering towards me, I have been met my some eejit guffawing behind the wheel of his stationary car, delighted that he just made a girl jump out of her skin.

Groups of (presumably) young men beeping and jeering as they drive by is a regular occurrence or, perhaps most infuriatingly, being told to “Smile, love” by some man as you run past him.

I hope that it is unnecessary to point out that not all men behave in this way. However, there still seems to be a significant contingent that find this low-level misogyny hilarious or acceptable.

Men might argue that it’s innocuous enough, but in reality it’s intimidating.

I certainly wouldn’t consider myself to be a sensitive person, but it got to the stage where I realised I was dreading going for a run and began to opt for the gym instead. And there’s something not right about that. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.