Fresh approach from HSE needed

Sir, – The new CEO of the HSE announced that the HSE must no longer overspend its budgets (Martin Wall, Front page, May 15th)

With respect, we have heard this mantra from HSE managers previously and it is not a new approach.

What we need to hear from the CEO is a new two-pronged approach that first reassures us that essential programmes, such as vaccination and cancer screening, will continue without any threat to their funding.

This should be alongside a second assurance that the HSE will introduce cost savings in wasteful areas – for example a rationalisation of the hospital services would save millions in the long term.


The South-East has four emergency units and four maternity units on call day and night for a population of just half a million, where a large central unit would be more efficient and cost effective.

Until HSE management commits to curtailing wastefulness, tough talk from senior managers about curtailing overspending will carry little credibility. – Yours, etc,


Piercestown, Co Wexford.