Flats should be refurbished, not demolished


Sir, – The call to demolish most of Dublin’s social housing blocks of flats, because of the need for expensive refurbishment that would take “many decades” to carry out, demonstrates the unacceptable maintenance of these units. (“Call for demolition of Dublin flat blocks”, Olivia Kelly, October 31st).

It appears that the “disposable society” approach now applies to publicly-owned blocks of flats. When they need repairs, replace them rather than fix them. Privately-owned blocks of flats would never be demolished after only 50 years because of the need for refurbishment.

Justifying the demolition of the flats because of the need for greater urban density is a little disingenuous. Urban density could be improved by infill development elsewhere while at the same time these blocks could be retained.

There needs to be a debate on how and why these units have been allowed to deteriorate, and how they can be retained into the future with an effective, ongoing maintenance plan. Demolition should not be an option. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 4.