Dublin’s unsustainable expansion


Sir, – In Danny O’Connor’s letter (May 28th), in which he praises previous visionaries who through public works improved the lives of Dublin city citizens, he also mentions the Shannon-Dublin water pipeline.

The “necessity” for the pipeline is brought about by two major factors – the limited supply of water in proximity to ever-expanding Dublin and the 30 per cent to 40 per cent leakage from 150-year-old pipes.

Dublin’s further expansion is unsustainable due to these factors. It is also unsustainable due to the antiquated sewage disposal system and discharges which are polluting Dublin Bay.

Ireland is already suffering from unbalanced development, with the vast majority of new jobs being created in Dublin, leading to even more pressure on water and sewage facilities, increased congestion and consequent emissions.

Isn’t it time to start moving jobs further from Dublin to where there is room for expansion and water to supply a greater local population and, in doing so, create a more balanced economy? For years, country people have had to move to Dublin for jobs. Can Dubliners not move down to the country for jobs, as well?

Dublin’s continued expansion is no longer sustainable.

It is time for politicians to recognise this and adapt their policies accordingly. – Yours, etc,



Co Carlow.