Physical distancing


Sir, – I read that “Holohan rejects pressure from Ministers to reduce two-metre rule” (News, May 28th). As I see it, this two-metre distance is advice, similar to being told to eat five portions of vegetables a day. Yet it is constantly referred to in the media as a rule. Similarly, numerous adverts on the radio state what people are “allowed” to do.

No mention of whether this is advice, which we are free to ignore, or a law, which we are not. – Yours, etc,



Co Clare.

Sir, – Although it is early days yet, could I strongly urge the Government not to reduce the Covid-19 social distance for joggers to one metre for quite some time. And to do this very clearly and emphatically.

If anyone is worried that this is treating one section of our society differently to all others, the answer is that we already have a precedent for singling out a very important section of our nation for different treatment for the purpose of stopping the spread of this pandemic. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.