Driving licence centres


Sir, – The letter regarding the Leopardstown Driving Licence Centre in Dublin deserves a reply (March 25th).

Being of a certain age, I am a regular customer of this establishment and wish to thank its staff for their efficiency.

If you go online and book your time, you need only arrive five minutes before your time and you will be seen, in my experience, within 10 minutes. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 14.

Sir, – A letter writer mentions the lengthy queues in Leopardstown Driving Licence Centre. I have had a similar experience in another centre in Dublin recently.

I noted that many people in the queue were in their 70s. Therefore the issue may well be to do with this part of our population who must present themselves for driving licence renewal at 70.

It has long been recognised that today’s 70 is the new 50 due to a fitter population and increased life-expectancy. While I believe a person should have a medical examination to support fitness to drive, to give a three-year licence extension subsequently is too short.

In Canada, for instance, many provinces require a medical only at the age of 75 or even 80. Some, such as Saskatchewan, only require a medical examination at the doctor’s discretion. In Australia, similar age determinants are noted.

I believe all those concerned should look at the present legislation. In a much fitter society, the ruling has now become completely outdated. Extending the age to 75 before applying such restrictions should be considered. This in turn would dramatically reduce the queues experienced by your letter writer. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 9.

Sir, – I made an appointment at my local National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) centre in Santry. I was seen nine minutes after my allotted time. The process took a further nine minutes. My licence arrived six working days later.

Perhaps Leopardstown should follow Santry’s lead. – Yours, etc,


Leinster House,

Dublin 2.