Counting on the census

Sir, – I hope I can make my mark on 2016 by fulfilling my statutory obligation to complete my census form. With only days to go, I still haven’t received a form. The website advised that I send a text message. I received a generic “We’ll have someone call you” reply. I’ll have to amuse myself some other way on Sunday evening. – Yours, etc,



Co Roscommon.


Sir, – In advance of the census on Sunday evening, I would like to raise awareness regarding the CSO guidelines on how to answer accurately one question.

Question 12 asks, “What is your religion?” The CSO guidelines state: “This question is not about frequency of attendance at church or other place of worship. People should answer the question based on how they feel now about their religious beliefs, if any. The question is asking about the person’s current religion or beliefs and not about the religion the person may have been brought up with.”

The census results are used by the government (if we ever have one!) to inform policy and planning. Thus, an accurate portrayal of the country’s religious beliefs is essential, in particular to support change in the area of religious patronage of schools. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 6.