Closure of local bank branches


Sir, – It is understandable that Enid O’Dowd should feel aggrieved at the closure of her local bank branch (July 13th). She may be interested in knowing that a similar scenario is taking place here in the UK, with local branches closing at an alarming level.

At first, I was dismayed on being told that my local branch was closing and that my banking portfolio was being transferred to a larger branch some five miles away.

But now I’m ambivalent as I rarely set foot in my local branch, as all my regular fiscal commitments were taken care of by way of standing orders or direct debit and most of my cash withdrawals were by way of the hole in the wall.

What the new arrangements have done is to introduce me to online banking, a concept those of us of a certain age are wary of. But there is no need to shy away from internet banking.

It’s secure, simple to operate and unbelievably convenient.

Local banks? Who needs them? – Yours, etc,