Checking out Brexit


Sir, – Well, well, what a pleasant surprise, suddenly the Democratic Unionist Party have become masters in the art of big business and are defying calls from the CBI and heartfelt pleas from successful businessmen that Theresa May’s Brexit deal is a business constant for Northern Ireland.

Why must the business community defer to this medieval political party who in business affairs have already proven by their incompetent handling of the renewable heat fiasco that they and their special advisers are not to be trusted to advise on the running of a hoopla stall, never mind the business fraternity of Northern Ireland. – Yours, etc,



Sir, – Now that the EU27 have signed off on the withdrawal deal and Theresa May is going over the heads of members of parliament in selling her deal to the public, maybe it is time to take stock.

Mrs May is playing all sides against each other, divide and conquer is the strategy and who knows . . . I mean no one thought she could get this far.

Arlene Foster is not having any of it, and there is no one to stand up to her as Sinn Féin has refused to use its voice. The people of Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU but thanks to the “principled” stand of Sinn Féin they have no representatives to speak for them.

Mary Lou McDonald may be too busy putting her reserved card on a seat in the Dáil to actually help them.

It is widely predicted that the deal will not pass the vote in the Commons, and if that should happen, what then? Jeremy Corbyn wants a general election, but it is complete nonsense to think he would make a better job of it, after all, he has never really stated what he thinks about it. And he is widely believed to be eurosceptic.

There seems little appetite from those who govern to grant a second referendum as they believe it to be undemocratic, so it seems we will have to fudge our way along until we crash out, much to the joy of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg .

So the British people will suffer the rewards of a Brexit, voted through by a narrow majority on a campaign filled with lies, half truths, manipulated by social media, false accounting on campaigning and – let’s not forget – fear.

I think we should just enjoy the last few months of membership – after that, who really knows? – Yours, etc,




Sir, – The United Kingdom is well and truly checked into Hotel California: it was ensconced there for many years, more or less happy with services, facilities and discounts. Suddenly a majority of heads grew heavy and their sight dim but up ahead they saw a shimmering light. Many wondered could this be heaven or could this be hell?

Management  stressed there was plenty of room at the Hotel California, then presented its recalcitrant Leavers with unpalatable terms and conditions.

Now, after much wrangling and haggling it is clear you can check out any time you like but you can never leave. And so comes the inevitable clash: should we stay or should we go? – Yours, etc,