Celtic union and the second Scottish independence referendum


Sir, – I wish to support John Thompson’s suggestion of a post Brexit Celtic Union (March 16th). On September 17th, last, the Glasgow Herald published an Agenda article of mine proposing such a tristate Union, which would be predicated on Brexit, and on Scotland becoming independent. The article, inspired, in part, by President Higgins’s address to the Scottish Parliament on June 29th, 2016, proposed a shift of Irish Government policy on Scotland. I called for our government to give real support to the Scots in their bid to remain in the EU, and to, at least, express some sympathy for the idea of an independent Scotland.

However, by adopting a totally neutral and non- interventionist position on Indyref2, as indicated by the Taoiseach on Tuesday, the Irish Government is, in fact, supporting the status quo.

Fear of the consequences of Brexit,and for Ireland-UK relations, should not paralyse fresh thinking by our leaders on Scottish Nationalists’ aspirations. – Yours, etc,


Navan, Co Meath.